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5.12 Trusts

For general information on trusts see Section 2.4.

As of 1 January 2011, a trust is tax resident in Gibraltar if one or more of the beneficiaries are ordinarily resident in Gibraltar or the class of beneficiaries may include an ordinarily resident person or the issue of an ordinarily resident person. The residency status of the trustees or settlor is, in itself, not relevant.

An individual who has Category 2 status or the spouse or child of such an individual (provided the individual has elected to include their spouse or child under the Category 2 rules) is not deemed to be a tax resident in Gibraltar for the purposes of determining the taxation of a trust or of the beneficiaries.

A trust that is not tax resident in Gibraltar is taxable only on income that accrues in or is derived from Gibraltar. By contrast, a trust that is ordinarily resident in Gibraltar is taxable on its worldwide income. As for individuals, non-trading interest income, dividends from listed companies, non-Gibraltar property-based rental income and capital gains are not taxable in Gibraltar.

The capital of the trust is not liable to tax since Gibraltar has no wealth or gift taxes, estate duty or other capital taxes.

Trusts of a public nature are completely exempt from income tax provided that the profits from any trade or business are only used for the purposes of the trust, and either this trade or business is exercised in the cause of carrying out a primary purpose of the trust, or the work is mainly carried out by the beneficiaries of the trust.

Trusts are taxed at the rate of 10% on any taxable income.

See Section 5.2.4 for filing requirements and tax payment deadlines