Gibraltar Location

5.10 Non-residents

See Section 5.4.2 for the definition of ordinary residence for an individual for tax purposes.

5.10.1 Non-residents: General

Non-residents are liable to tax on income accruing in or derived from Gibraltar, although there are a number of exemptions as described in Sections 5.10.2 to 5.10.4 below

In the case of a non-resident individual, the ABS applies a rate of tax of 17% on taxable income of up to £16,000 and 39% on taxable income in excess of that. For a non-resident with income from employment or from a “trade, business, profession, or vocation” (i.e., self-employed), it is likely that GIBS would be applied instead.

However, in the case of a non-resident individual with taxable income other than from employment, or self-employment the Income Tax Office’s view is that GIBS cannot be applied. Rental income is generally treated as a separate type of income from a “trade, business, profession or vocation”. Therefore, the income of a non-resident from rental income from a Gibraltar property may be taxed at up to 39%. [NR1]

5.10.2 Income from occasional presence in Gibraltar

Individuals who are not ordinarily resident in Gibraltar and who are present in Gibraltar for less than 30 days in a tax year are not taxable on:

5.10.3 Ownership, chartering or operation of ships and aircraft

Gains or profits derived by a non-resident individual (or company) from the carriage of passengers or cargo to or from Gibraltar in any ship or aircraft owned, chartered or operated by that person is not taxable.

5.10.4 Investment income from Gibraltar

Dividends from a Gibraltar company and interest from banks, building societies and other financial services institutions received by an individual who is not ordinarily resident, are not taxable in Gibraltar.

5.10.5 QROPS and QNUPS

Refer to Sections 5.11.5 and 5.11.6, for QROPS and Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS), respectively.