Gibraltar Location

5.13 Indirect Taxes

5.13.1 Value Added Tax

There is no VAT in Gibraltar.

5.13.2 Import Duties and Excise Duties

Import duties are levied on goods imported into Gibraltar mostly at rates between 0% and 12%. A notable exception applies to motor vehicles. Excise duties are levied mainly on spirits, wines, tobacco and mineral oils.

The following table summarizes the current position on a range of goods at the time of writing.

Product Duty Payable
Dealer Imports General Imports
Petrol/Diesel Motor Vehicles:
Engine up to 1500cc 15% 25%
More than 1500cc, but not exceeding 2000cc 18% 30%
Over 2000cc 22% 35%
Hybrid Cars 0% 5%
In addition, there is a £1,000 cashback available on the importation of a hybrid/all-electric vehicle, £150 in the case of a hybrid/all-electric motorcycle, on registration in Gibraltar.
Electric Cars and Pedal Cycles Nil Nil
Motor Cycles
Two-Stroke engine, 50cc and under 50% 50%
Two-Stroke engine, over 50cc 50% 50%
Four-Stroke engine, 50cc and under 6% 12%
Four-Stroke engines, over 50cc 15% 30%
Petrol £0.29 Per litre
Diesel £0.22 Per litre
Biofuels Nil
Marine Fuel Nil
Cigarettes £13.00 per catron (200 cigarettes
Rolling tobacco £45.00 per kilo
Bulk exports of tobacco 5%
Waterpipe Tobacco £3.00 per kilo
Product (General Imports) Duty Payable
Whiskey and Spirits £1.00 per litre
Printed matter for educational purposes, newpapers, journals and periodicals Nil
Paper-based stationairy, writing implements Nil
Other printed matter 12%
Recycled or approved environment friendly or eco-paper Nil
Gold bullion 6%
Perfumes, beauty and makeup preparations, clothing, footwear and watches 3%
Jewellery, natural and cultured pearls 4.5%
Sunglasses Nil
Loose gemstones Nil
Building materials 12%
Photographic equipment, televisions, hi-fi and other electronic or electrical audio or visual equipment, DVDs and CDs, mobile phones Nil
Portable computers (laptops, tablet PCs and memory cards) and software Nil
Other computer equipment 6%
Foodstuffs, pet food and medical supplies Nil
Seagoing vessels Nil
LED Lighting Nil
Musical instruments Nil
Single-use plastic bags, single-use paper bags not from recycled material (commercial importation) £0.05 per bag
Artwork Nil
Pre-shave, shaving, after-shave preparations, personal deodorants, antiperspirants, perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations Nil
Yachts and other vessels for pleasure or sports
Rowing Boats and canoes Nil
5.13.3 Stamp Duty

The Stamp Duties Act 2005, which came into force on 12 January 2006, revoked and replaced the Stamp Duties Act 1932. Stamp duty is now payable only on instruments relating to real estate property in Gibraltar and on capital transactions. The following are the principal rates:

On conveyance or transfer of real estate property as follows:

First- and second-time buyers:

Other buyers:

Stamp duty on mortgages as follows:

5.13.4 Rates

Rates are levied on business and residential properties in Gibraltar. There are discounts for the early payment of business rates, generally 15%. New starts-ups benefit from a 65% discount in their first year of trading and 25% for the second year. There are additional discounts for bars, restaurants and casinos in connection with their cooperation with the smoking ban in such establishments.

5.13.5 Gaming Tax

Gaming tax is levied at 1% of turnover (see Section 3.4 for further details).

5.14 Other Taxes

There is no estate duty, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, wealth, gift or other capital tax. Estate duty was abolished for the estate of any individual who died on or after 1 April 1997.