Gibraltar Location

Work Permits

Under the Control of Employment Act, the Gibraltar Government may control the employment of “non-entitled” workers by means of work permits.

An entitled worker means a worker who is:

EEA nationals are allowed to stay in Gibraltar for three months; after which they will be granted a renewable residence permit for five years, provided that they have found suitable employment or established a business.

In the case of a non-entitled worker, a work permit will only be granted if there are no entitled workers able or willing to take up any particular employment. Such individuals may be granted residential permits on an annual basis and are normally renewed only if the individual is still in possession of a work permit. A non-EEA national may be refused permission to buy real estate in Gibraltar. However, such permission cannot be refused to residents of EEA countries. Work permits for non-EU nationals are only issued after a (refundable) deposit is paid to the Employment Service to cover any repatriation, etc., which may be required.