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App. 6.1 Historical income tax rates and bandings
A. Allowance-based System:
Amount of Taxable Income in Bands

From 2011-12, all taxpayers under the allowance-based system receive a tax credit amounting to the greater of £300 or 2% of the tax payable based on the above table.

B. Gross income based system (introduced in 2008-09)

Note: No allowances applied under the GIBS until 2014-15. In case a taxpayer opts for this system and the spouse does not, the availability of allowances to the spouse are restricted (see Section 5.5 and refer to the Government website —

2008-2009 Gross income based system 2009-2010 Gross income based system 2010-2011 Gross income based system 2010-2011 Gross income based system continued 2011-2015 Gross income based system`
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