Gibraltar University

Gibraltar's Education

Education in Gibraltar is modelled on the UK system, with comprehensive schools providing free compulsory education in accordance with the national curriculum standard. Children of ordinarily resident individuals for up to 15 years of age are provided education, which concludes with examinations and coursework for obtaining the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

Students may continue for a further two years to sit for their A-level examinations. Grants or scholarships are given for further study at UK universities and institutions for further education.

Private schooling is also available in Gibraltar and Spain.

In September 2015 the new University of Gibraltar opens its doors to the community. It will offer both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in collaboration with first class universities ensuring high quality offering to students. The University will also link up with the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, the Gibraltar Museum and the Gibraltar Garrison Library as research hubs.

Initially the University of Gibraltar will host the following four faculties:

The faculties will also offer locally developed programmes including courses for Certificates in Gibraltar Tax and Gibraltar Law.