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European Public Limited Liability Companies

The European Public Limited Liability Company Act 2005 transposed into Gibraltar law the corresponding EU council directive.

The European Public Limited Liability Company (or Societas Europaea (SE)) is a corporate structure introduced by the EU that enables the legal structure within which a business is carried out to develop and reflect the economic framework of the single European market. This will allow companies incorporated in different member states to merge or form a holding company or joint subsidiary, while avoiding the legal and practical constraints arising from member countries’ different legal systems.

An SE has legal personality and limited liability. Its issued share capital must be at least €120,000 and it may be listed.

An SE may be formed in various ways, including conversion from the public limited liability company status. It may be registered in any member state (including Gibraltar) and must have both its registered office and central administration in that member state. In Gibraltar, an SE is registered with the registrar at Companies House.

SEs are governed by national tax laws of the respective member state and specific and detailed rules apply in relation to SE employees.