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Business Registration

Registration of Business Names

Whether trading as an incorporated company, or other type of corporate body, a partnership, or simply a sole trader, the name under which the trade is carried on must be registered at the Registry of Business Names within 14 days of commencement of business. Application is made on the prescribed form for a fee of £20.00. The registrar may refuse to register a name that bears too close a similarity to one already in existence or which is considered sensitive or misleading. The words Limited, Ltd. PLC, SA or SL or similar may not appear as a suffix to a business name.

Under the Business Names Registration Act, every business name registered on or after 1 January 2000 must submit an annual statement of particulars accompanied by a fee of £15.00. When a business ceases to operate, a form of notice of cessation of business must be presented to the registrar with a fee of £15.00. The term “business” includes a profession, the establishment or operation of a website in or from within Gibraltar or via an ISP in Gibraltar or the promotion of any trade, business or profession from Gibraltar regardless of where it is situated.

Registration with the Employment Service

Businesses must register their own and employee details with the Employment Service at the Ministry of Employment. Any business, whether a company, partnership or sole trader, must register the following details with the Employment Service within three months of commencement of business:

Employment registrations expire within the first 12 months of registration, and thereafter, the registrations must be renewed during the course of the first month after expiry. The annual registration fee is £20, with a penalty of £20 if the fee is not paid within the first month after expiry.

Registration for social insurance purposes

After the business or company has been registered with the Income Tax Department (see Section 2.13.4), the latter notifies the Department of Social Services. The Employment Service will notify the Department of Social Services (by sending a copy of the approved terms of engagement form) of employees hired by a company or partnership, so that the employees are registered for social insurance purposes. In the case of a self-employed individual, they would need to complete an application form for a self-employed insurance card at the Department of Social Services.

Registration for income tax (PAYE) purposes

To register for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) purposes, a company or business must submit the following documentation to the Income Tax Office.

For a Company:

For a business

See Sections 4.2 and 4.3 on work permits and engagement (and dismissal) of employees, respectively.

Various applications forms relevant to business employment can be downloaded directly from the Gibraltar Government website. These application forms can be scanned and emailed to the relevant departments for processing.

HM Government of Gibraltar recently announced the introduction of “E-Gov” whereby government services would be fully accessible online. However, these services will be fully available once the revised identity cards are issued over the coming months. For further information, visit